Painter Richard Hawk has a passion for sharing the mindsets, principles and techniques which forged his own successes as an artist. He feels that good instruction can be ’infotainment‘, lively and engaging.

Born in New York City, the son of a writer and a librarian, Richard now maintains his studio in southern California. His works hang in private and public collections around the world and have appeared in many exhibitions and galleries.

Hawk’s paintings and drawings are known for expressive intensity and strength of underlying design. His work strives to tap into something universal. In fact, he pursues and cultivates this in his work and encourages students to do the same.

”I've always felt that the technique side of things and the inspirational, spiritual part of art should be taught together,“ Richard says. ”And that's exactly what I aim to do in these courses.“

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Intuitive Painting

Doors Opened

Kathy M.

"I wish I could find the words to adequately thank you for the most rewarding workshop I've ever attended. I feel like many doors have been opened to me and I'm excited about walking through them! You've rekindled my excitement about painting, about stretching and reaching, trying whatever, and loosening up again and taking more risks. I needed the reminder."

Helpful Demos

Patti B.

”Richard genuinely cares about the success of his students. His demos are helpful, understandable. He never rushed when he reviewed our work. He was supportive as well as instructive. He is a kind, generous teacher as well as a wonderfully creative artist.“

Best Ever

Wendy B.

“Learning from Richard has been the most informative, comprehensive set of lessons I have had from a professional. He is easy to understand and gives each student the time they need. You will definitely learn fun, useful techniques that will stay with you throughout your growing in the arts. I would recommend his teachings in a heartbeat.”

Great Videos

Abby S.

“Your videos are great! I watched them over and over again. Your critiques are very clear, positive and helpful. You have a wonderful manner that puts students at ease and encourages them to grow.”

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Pricing options

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Putting it all together

There are many moving parts to art endeavor. Richard shares a wealth of knowledge, in both practical terms and fundamental principles and mindsets for success. Make art that pleases the eye, stirs the soul and strums the heartstrings. Yes, you CAN do it.

  • Finding your strengths

  • Getting out of your own way

  • 7 rules for successful art

  • Starting off right

  • Understanding values

  • Composition and balance

  • Managing color

  • The missing link: integration

  • Advanced techniques


  • Will I be able to keep up? Not all that secure about my abilities as an artist.

    Richard has taught hundreds of beginning artists who start out questioning themselves. Be ready to open up and amaze yourself.

  • I'm an accomplished artist, is this right for me?

    Experienced and successful artists seek out Richard's courses. They are after the unique approaches and methods he shares, plus ways of getting back to 'new mind'.

  • What if it just doesn't work out for me?

    Very rare, but there's really no risk. All courses have a 14-day money back guarantee.

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